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im going to bed i managed to bribe the cat with tissue paper but now i have tissue paper all in my bed. the cat lifestyle

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something interesting that i have noticed: for a native english speaker, such as myself, who has spoken english throughout their entire life and has been completely surrounded by it, it is actually quite an easy language to master  

lucky bitch

*blows u a kiss as i walk away in my louboutins and get into my stretch limo*

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some trans people are so brave and amazing i cant imagine the amount of courage it must take to come out to EVERYOINE at school/work and transition and feel people staring at you and saying things like “sir.. or „ ma’m „, or whatever you are…” and its just like wow!! you are so brave !!!!

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i just want my cat 2 slep next to me. fucking cat

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but my other cat sleeps next to me but i kind of prefer the other one bc hes my fave and also hes chubby and breaths heavily and such a nerd while the other one is super hyper and will wake me up 345 times

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my cats so mean during the summer he goes outside like all day and therefore becomes super antisocial and he wont sleep next to me this is an absolute tragedy

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what u should be asking trans ppl: “how was ur day” “where did u buy that rly cute shirt” “damn how did you get ur hair to look that good” “why is no one acknowledging the whole dinosaurs having feathers thing” “whats ur opinion on pluto losing its planet status”

what ur wasting ur time asking trans ppl: “whats ur real name" "have u had surgery… down there…" "r u rly a boy/girl" "what does cis mean" "why do you hate cis ppl"

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