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MUTUALS: new skype = ihateskypefuckoff (long story)

Dane DeHaanFilmography - "Dane’s not a music person actually. Music is not the thing that makes him emotionally connect with a character. He creates a bible before production of his character, that nobody else gets to see, and then he burns it." +
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goodnight i havent done any homework and im laughing at the fact

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have u seen this teen lesbian disney channel music video

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im crying so hard on that last post i accidnetally put things i love: draco things i hate: draco & i think that shows a lot about me

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things i love:

things i hate:

things draco loves:

things draco hates:


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imagine your icon pulling up their blanket and accidentally punching themself in the face

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when people in real life laugh at my jokes

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dear diary. day 234263545. havibn crushes on people over the internet is so horrible. send help. sos

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do u ever just think what would have happened if u lived closer to someone

career goals: be the phantom of the opera

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